It’s here!!!


I have always wanted to invest in a face cleansing brush but if I’m being completely honest, I’m too cheap to pay that awesome price tag that comes along with the brush.  Imagine how excited I became when I learned that Mary Kay was coming out with their own cleansing brush.  I honestly sat at there thinking, “I bet it has a pretty price tag to go along with it”.  I wanted one really bad so I just knew it had to be pricey.  When they announced that the brush was only $50, I wanted to cry!  $50 for a cleansing brush!  Shut the front door!  So for $50, you get the tool, the AA batteries, and 2 brush heads.  Ummm…wow!!!  I’m sure some of you are reading this thinking that with a price tag like that, the quality has to be bad.  Ladies, I’m telling you…IT’S AMAZING!!!!  And with Mary Kay’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed, what do you have to lose?  I mean really?!  All consultants are able to order the brush for themselves and their customers first thing tomorrow so guess what I’m ordering?  Yup!  This girl is FINALLY getting a face cleansing brush!  Can I get a whoop whoop?!

Of course I can’t make this blog post without posting a deal.  That’s just not how I work when a brand new product comes out.

If you order your cleansing brush through me, you may also get a cleanser of your choice for half off!  Yes!!!  So buy a cleansing brush and receive a cleanser for half off!!  If you want an entire skin care set, I will subtract the amount of a cleanser completely off of the total of the skin care set.  You can’t beat that!  That’s how excited I am for this brush!

Visit  to order.  In your message to the consultant, please type the words CLEANSING BRUSH.

*If you already have a consultant, please order through her.  I can’t promise that she’s having the same deal BUT I fully respect my sister consultants. 🙂