Holiday Gift Giving

Okay so today I want to talk about the more extravagant gifts.  Extravagant doesn’t always have to mean extremely pricey.  These packages can be customized to fit your budget.  I just wanted to show you all a few examples for you to start at.  I will explain each package and their price underneath each picture.


We can’t forget the men in our lives.  Whether it be a husband, a brother, a nephew, a dad…we can’t leave the men out.  This is all done up in a basket (a manly basket) and it includes products from the MK Men’s line.  This particular package has the Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Cooling After-Shave, and the Advanced Eye Cream.  This gorgeous package can be yours for your loved one for $72+tax.


The Miracle Set Gift Basket- $115+tax

This basket includes everything they need to begin a good skin care regimen.  It has the TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser, TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer, Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, and the Night Solution which by the way is AMAZING! The skin care system will be personalized and perfect for their skin type.  It will come in a basket and will be wrapped beautifully.


TimeWise Microdermabrasion Gift Basket- $60+tax  Enough said!

Okay, I’ll go a little more in to detail.  If you have ever paid for a one time Microderm treatment at a fancy spa, you’ll LOVE MK’s set.  You can get several uses out of it and YOU get to control the pressure.  This set is AMAZING!


This gift basket, or tool bag, is full of all of the products from the Men’s Line.  So that includes the Face Bar, Advanced Facial Hydrator, Advanced Eye Cream, Shave Foam, and the Cooling After-Shave.  It also comes with a cologne of choice from the MK Men’s Fragrance Collection.  You will have to contact me for pricing on this one but I wanted you to get the idea of how awesome this gift could be.


This basket is perfect for your tween or tween.  This includes the ClearProof  “The Go” Acne Set (trial size), MK Cleansing Facial Cloths, Beauty Blotters Oil-Absorbing Tissues, Lash Primer, an MK mascara of choice, and 3 of the awesome products from the MK @ Play Line.  This baskets starts at $100+tax but you can personalize it to fit your budget.


Satin Hands Gift Basket– $38+tax

Satin Hands comes in Peach or Fragrance Free and for a limited time, Vanilla Sugar!


TimeWise Repair Volu-firm Set Gift Basket– $205+tax

This set is the set of all skin care sets.  It’s specifically for those that want an advanced age-fighting system.  If you have extremely damaged skin, want to really get rid of your wrinkles, etc…this is the set for you (or your special someone).


Okay this basket is perfect for your teen!  Now I can’t provide all of the extra goodies or I’d have to charge you an arm and a leg (hehe) but I can provide the full size Clear Proof Acne Set and the candy.  You can just add to the basket.  This does come gift wrapped.

ClearProof Gift Basket– $52+tax


These next 2 are examples and I just thought they were extremely cute so I wanted to show you.  I’m awesome like that.



Thinking of You Eau de Parfum Gift Set– $40+ tax

Yummy smelling perfume.  Enough said!  🙂


And last but certainly not least, I do offer towers.  What is a tower?  Well let me explain.  The first tower I offer is called the “12 Days of Christmas” tower.  Or you can do a “12 hours of Christmas” tower.  Same concept…different way of giving it to your special one.  The idea, 12 boxes and inside of each box is a product.  They get to open one every day leading up to Christmas Day.  They range from $169-$299+tax depending on the products you want to put into each box.  They come in his and hers options so yes, again, the men won’t be left out.  I also offer mini towers as seen in the picture above and again, we can customize it for you.

So there you have it!  More holiday gift ideas to think about.

Happy Shopping!!!


Holiday Gift Ideas under $25

With the holidays approaching so quickly, I wanted to talk about gift giving today.  No matter what your budget looks like, we have quality products that make amazing gifts!  From simple to extravagant, Mary Kay is always an awesome option.  Underneath each picture below, I’m going to explain the gift idea and the cost. 🙂


Adorable felt elf shoe filled with the Mary Kay @ Play Jelly Lip Gloss– Starts at $11+ tax.  You can fill with just 1 simple gloss or you can have it filled with a few.


Cute warm gloves with the Limited-Edition Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands Hand Cream– $12+ tax  The hand cream is also available in Peach and Fragrance Free.  These make perfect neighbor gifts, visiting teacher gifts, a gift for your child’s school teacher, or even a friend.  Also makes for an adorable stocking stuffer.


Adorable warm fuzzy socks with the Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs– $12+tax.  Again, these are great for a neighbor, a school teacher, a friend…the possibilities are endless.  Also makes a wonderful stocking stuffer.


We can’t forget the men.  Mary Kay does carry a line specifically for men.  My husband uses a few of the products and loves them.  It will come wrapped with a giant candy bar and can include any men’s product.  Products start at $12.  Pictured here is the Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30–$24+tax


Ohhhh who doesn’t love Satin Lips?  This set makes a PERFECT gift!  Satin Lips Set–$19+tax


Hot cocoa and “Cream” (Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs)–$13+tax


Okay this one is one that you ladies will want to talk to your man about.  Put a little buzz in his ear.  Guys…spoil your sweetheart a little this holiday season. After all, they put in a lot of hard work at this time of year.  This is what we call a Pillow Gift.  What is a Pillow Gift?  It’s simply a little wrapped gift that you place on your sweetheart’s pillow on Christmas Eve for her to find.  It does come with a cute little poem/saying thanking her for all that she does.  Seriously, brownie points guys!  The gift possibilities for a pillow gift are endless and begin at $11+tax.   You can go as simple or as extravagant as you’d like.  If this is something you’re interested in (AND EVERY GUY SHOULD BE), contact me so we can discuss which product you would like to have wrapped.


Mary Kay @ Play Lip Crayon & Eye Crayon “Magic Wand”– $22+tax


And last but certainly not least, Mary Kay @ Play Baked Eye Trio “Lollipops”–$11+tax.  If you do buy 2 or more, they are $9 each.  Seriously adorable for your teenager or in a stocking.


So there you have it, holiday gift ideas for under $25.  So tell me, which one would you like to order?  Yes, I gift wrap.  I really try to wrap as closely as I can to what is pictured here but small details may be different (ie. ribbon color, mug color, candy, etc.)  Order ASAP so they may arrive in time for Christmas!!

Happy Shopping!!!!