I am a passionate Independent Beauty Consultant with the amazing company, Mary Kay.

I use the word passionate because I strongly believe that every product Mary Kay has to offer IS a quality product.  From their skin care to their makeup to their fragrances to body care products, it is all amazing!  The best thing about Mary Kay (in my opinion) is that it’s customized for you.  It’s not a one size fits all.  You also receive the personal experience.  You don’t just walk in, choose a product, buy the product, pay and walk away.  You develop a friendship with your consultant and let’s face it, we could all use just one more friend.

I love fashion!  I’m a mom to five so I may not always wear the ideal, fashion inspired, chic clothes but I loooooove reading about fashion and learning about fashion in all shapes and forms.

I’m a girl that will NEVER be without lipgloss.  Yes, I only use Mary Kay.  If you ask if I have any lipgloss, chances are, you will have 2-3 shades to choose from inside my purse.  I’m addicted!

I LOVE shoes!  I’m addicted to shoes.  Ironic that I hate wearing shoes. 🙂

I love pink!  The brighter, the better!  I’m also addicted to the pink, black, and white combo.  Pink and zebra print are my best friends.

I love to craft but I am not good at it!

 I love being a mommy and a wifey and my family will ALWAYS come first.

Along with talking about MK’s products, giving tips and advice, I will be talking about my MK journey.  Yes, journey.  I WILL drive a free MK car!  Watch me baby!  It WILL happen!!

If you ever have any questions, want me to discuss something in particular on my blog, want to order or customize  your look, feel free to contact me.



*Please note that the opinions, discussions, conversations, etc. are not affiliated with Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc. but are strictly the opinion of Maria Ison, an Independent Beauty Consultant.


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