Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

Okay so I know I’ve talked about this product when it was first introduced but I haven’t talked about it since I have personally used it.  This is why I’m posting about this brush again.

I was sooo excited to receive my brush.  I’ve heard awesome things about face cleansing brushes but I just could never justify spending $100+ on a brush.  When Mary Kay came out with theirs and it was actually affordable, I was so excited!!  I did have a couple of things go through my head due to the price.  One being, due to the price, was it a quality product?  All I can say is the day that the brush arrived on my doorstep, I was over the moon.  It honestly felt like Christmas morning and I was coming down to see what Santa brought me.  Of course I had to try the brush right away.

From the moment I took it out of the box, put the brush onto the device, put the batteries in, and started washing my face, I could feel a huge difference.  I loved the way it felt on my face.  There are 2 different speeds which I love.  The stronger speed is better for my face, personally.  I did wash just half of my face with the brush and the other half as I normally would do with just my hand and a washcloth.  Umm…the difference was incredible!  The side of my face that I used the brush on, it felt so soft and smooth and it appeared brighter.  After washing my face, I applied my toner like I normally do and the side I washed with the brush, the cotton ball was clean.  The side with my hand and cloth, there were still traces of makeup and dirt.  So does this brush really clean like it says it does?  YES! YES! YES!!!  After using the brush for a week, I noticed a HUGE difference in the way my acne clears up and that my pores appear smaller.  I don’t have a ridiculous amount of acne but after giving birth to my 4th daughter, my skin has not been the same and I have the occasional break outs.  I’m really impressed with how quickly my skin clears compared to before.  I know it’s because I’m now getting a deep down clean.

You can use this brush with any of our cleansers.  I use the 3-in-1 cleansing bar and can still use the brush perfectly fine.  All in all, I want everyone to have a cleansing brush.  Seriously!  You won’t be sorry!!!

The device itself is $50 and it comes with 2 brush heads.  It is recommended that you change your brush at least every 3 months so the basic kit comes with about 6 months worth of brushes.  The brush refills are 2 for $15.  Umm hello!  AWESOME PRICES!!!!!!  Now go and order yours!!  🙂



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