TimeWise Even Complexion Dark Spot Reducer

So today I want to talk about dark spots. Yes, those pesky little buggers on your face that drive you bananas and you wish you could get rid of them forever but instead you use a mass amount of concealer and foundation to make them disappear.  Guess what?  Covering them up, disguising them, or attempting to hide them isn’t going to work.  What you need is a better solution and guess what?  We have it!!  YAY!  Now this is a brand new product that Mary Kay is offering and I’m sooo excited to introduce it to a few of my select customers who complain to me often about their dark spots.  I did steer them in the direction of a different product that we carry but when they announced that this beauty should be used along with the other product, I’m sold!


This information was taken directly from the website.

Diminishes the look of dark spots! That’s what eight out of ten women said after using TimeWise® Even Complexion Dark Spot Reducer in an independent consumer study**. Here’s what else they said:

*Softens the visible intensity of dark spots — 89%
*Helps fade the look of lingering acne spots — 84%
*Corrects the look of skin imperfections — 81%
*Visibly reduces the appearance of age spots — 79%

**Results reflect the percentage of panelists who agreed with the statements during a six-week independent consumer study.

Now is this the right product for me you ask?  It is if either of these apply to you.

*Women who want a targeted solution to combat the look of dark spots and freckles.
*Women who are a current TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence and Mask customer who wants to enhance your regimen.

Now if you use both the TimeWise Microdermabrasion and the Even Complexion Essence Mask, you do not want to use these two products on the same day. Instead, alternate them.  If you are going to use both products during the same week, you may want to limit the usage of each to two times per week.

Other characteristics of this product:
*Suitable for Sensitive Skin

So yes, practically everyone can use this product.

So what are you waiting for?  Go get rid of those pesky dark spots!!!


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