Mary Kay @ Play Baked Eye Trios

I am seriously obsessed with the Mary Kay @ Play Baked Eye Trios in Tuxedo.  My favorite thing about baked eye makeup is that you can use it wet or you can use it dry.  Of course if you use it wet, you are going to achieve a more vivid, vibrant look.  Now since you can use the baked eye makeup wet, I have become addicted to using the black in the Tuxedo as my eyeliner.  In fact, I rarely use any other eyeliner.  This is my new go-to eyeliner product.

All you do is take an angled brush (as pictured), get it wet, and dip it into the eye color of choice.  Next, apply it along the lash line and voila!  Eyeliner!  Now because I have awkwardly shaped eyes/lids, I personally like to apply my eyeliner along the bottom lash line.  Of course you can apply to one or the other or both. 🙂   Here is another fun little tip when using the baked eye makeup– after you have applied your mascara and it has dried, take an eye makeup brush, dampen it, dip into the eye color of choice and apply to the tips of your eyelashes for some extra color and a unique, fun look.  As you can see with the Tuxedo, it has fun sparkle in it so when applying the color to the tips of your eyelashes, your lashes will sparkle.

The Baked Eye Trios are $10+tax each.  AMAZING price for such quality product!!  Now go buy some and become addicted just like me. 🙂







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